One of the most important things about becoming a parent is that you want to give your newborn baby, the best start in life. Becoming a parent is not all about dressing your newborn in cute clothes but how to boost their development, which is fundamental for them to succeed later on in life.

We at Baby Boosters have put together a practical guide on all you need to know on how to help improve your baby’s development right through to immunisation to protect against serious infectious diseases. During the first couple of year of your baby life you will be amaze how quick they grow and develop.  This is because baby learns something new every day.  Each baby is unique and will develop at their own pace. However it’s not unusual for a healthy baby to fall behind in some areas of development and race ahead in others.

A baby’s brain is wired to learn; it builds itself by forming connections in response to the stimulation it receives. Play is the best way that babies learns how to move, communicate, socialise and understand their surroundings. During the first few month of their life, your baby will learn by interacting with you.

We take you through step by step on how to boost your baby’s development and also about ways to boost their immune system. Babies development is split into three categories; physical, sensory and social. In each category we provide guidance on how to enhance their developments. It is vital that your baby has a healthy immune system, as this is the foundation for a healthy child.

This is a start of an amazing journey and the best thing is to enjoy your baby as your infant will grow and develop at such an incredible speed during the first few years of their life.